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Almost Alive 2.5" Soft Glass Minnow Lures 10 Pack Clear Glitter

  • Model: AA114


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  • 2.5" MINNOW
  • 10 PACK

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Almost Alive Lures™ Clear Minnows are choice preference for False Albacore, Bonita and Spanish Mackerel Anglers.  These little monsters are versatile and productive as saltwater flies or pitch baits for spinning gear.  You can epoxy the minnows directly to a hook for fly fishing applications and dress them any way you like or you can simply feed a small hook through the minnow with a small piece of split shot in front of the bait for spin casting applications.  We have caught False Albacore up to 15 lbs using these minnows as well as some nice sized Spanish Mackerel.  These simple little glass minnow lures simply look too much like natural forage of Albacore, Bonita and Spanish Mackerel for them to pass up.  When the fish are busting on top chasing bait, simply slide in and give these minnows a cast and retrieve in short strips or simply let it fall and wait for the strike…because it will happen.

Almost Alive Lures™ are precision crafted for superb live swimming action, making them second-to-none in the water when compared with other brands.

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