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Almost Alive 2 Pack 17.5" Ribbonfish Lure Black Silver Spring

  • Model: AARBF-08S2


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  • 17.5" RIBBONFISH
  • 2 PACK

Almost Alive Lures™ Ribbonfish Lures are irresistable to King Mackerel, Amberjack, Barracuda, Yellowtail and more.  This remarkable ribbonfish is 17.5" and made of a supple rubber material that allows the lure to utilize maximum swimming action in the water. Hand painted to mimic a natural wild ribbonfish, these lures will inevitably tempt smoker Kings into biting.  Our Ribbonfish make a dymanic dredge and feature a spring molded into them for easy attachment.

Almost Alive Lures™ are precision crafted for superb live swimming action, making them second-to-none in the water when compared with other brands.

**Rigging Tip**When rigging on a daisy chain or in a dredge be sure to use a ball bearing swivel. This allows the bait to "swim" and spin without the spring backing out.


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