Almost Alive 6 Pack 3" Soft Crawfish Rattle Bass Bait Black

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Crawfish are a staple in the diets of both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.  Young smallmouth start to feed on crawfish when they have grown to only three inches in length.  From that point in their lives until the end they will focus primarily on crawfish and baitfish.  So "crawfish fishing" will often produce a successful day on the water. Because live crawfish are not always readily available and they can be difficult to catch, carry and maintain, Almost Alive Lures™ offers our immitation Crawfish, as close to real as it gets, complete with a loud rattle mechanism and wet coating for emiting a scent trail in the water. 

Almost Alive Lures™ are precision crafted for superb live swimming action, making them second-to-none in the water when compared with other brands.

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