Almost Alive 3 Pack 4 Inch 5 Gram Soft Eel Tails Natural Stripe

  • Model: AASLT12


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  • 4" / 5 GRAM / 0.2 OZ EEL TAILS
  • 3 PACK

Almost Alive Lures™ Soft Eel Tails are designed to combine with our AASEHS (small) Sand Eel Lead Jig Head with Hook.  Rig these Heads and Tails together for the best of our Almost Alive Lures™ realistic swimming, Striper catching, jigging action, Lures.

Almost Alive Lures™ are precision crafted for superb live swimming action, making them second-to-none in the water when compared with other brands.

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Sand Eel Heads and Tails

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