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Artificial Flounder 5" Dark Brown/Pink Belly

  • Model: AAFL-63


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Almost Alive flounder is a stripers nightmare come true. Stripers eat "flounder", "flatfish" or "fluke" on a regular basis it's a staple of the stripers diet. Well Almost Alive lures has finished with the Fluke bait and this bait is causing quite a commotion. We designed this bait in two sizes and three different colors for varying types of bottom. We like the Almost Alive weighted circle hooks with both sizes of flounder. These circle hooks will make the flounder bump the bottom and make a small cloud of mud which will get fishes attention. It also helps get the bait down to the strike zone faster and the circle hook will most likely not seriously injure any larger fish as they tend to catch in the corner of the mouth. We also like to use a worm hook (like in a Texas rig) or with a normal jig head (Carolina rig) with the smaller flounder when using more a more finesse style of fishing. It works great when targeting large flounder or redfish on slopes into deeper bodies of water during a falling tide. We designed this bait for stripers primarily but we have discovered that many other game fish will eat a small flounder so rig it, cast it, drop it, jig it, come tight and get the net!!!

  • 5" Flounder
  • Dark Brown/Pink Belly
  • Package of 1

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